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Agile Precision Photonics Devices

Agile is a manufacturer of high precision crystal arrays and light guides used in medical imaging systems, homeland security sensors, and petroleum industry survey equipment.  Agile's production capabilities are unmatched due to the use of in-house developed robotic assembly equipment and custom tooling.  As the premiere provider of high precision Photonics devices, the company consistently manufactures scintillating pixels with tolerances as low as 20 µm and with overall array tolerances of 80 µm.   We have produced arrays with pitches as low as 100 µm and have experience with a variety of scintillation materials including LYSO, BGO, CsI, and CdWO4. All of Agile’s design and manufacturing is done in the USA, ensuring high quality products and world class customer support.

Agile's standard products are available for rapid delivery and provide excellent detector performance at a competitive price.  For specialized applications, our depth of experience in custom designed arrays, light guides and detectors is unmatched.  Agile's expertise in precision design and manufacturing enable us to meet the most demanding specifications.  We can vary the geometry, material, resolution, and reflector to meet your unique needs.   Call us to see why Agile is your "go-to" partner for precision photonics devices.