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Scintillation Arrays

Scintillation Arrays

Agile is a manufacturer of high precision laminatedAgile Laminated arrays reduce the inter-pixel space by as much as 90% for greater resolution and performance  crystal arrays and light guides with customers in the fields of medical imaging and homeland security.

We offer arrays in a wide selection of materials and are the industry experts at fine pitch arrays for high resolution imaging.

Boasting the shortest lead time in the industry,Agile can typically deliver arrays configured to your specifications in 4 weeks or less.   more

Light Guide

Focusing Light Guides

Agile’s Focusing Light Guides improve imager performance by more efficiently coupling arrays to light readout devices such as position sensitive photomultiplier tubes (PSPMTs) and Silicon Photomultipliers (SIPMs).

Agile is the only manufacturer to use precision-cut glass assembled in complex geometries to build focusing light guides.  For yor existing designs or new applications consider Agile Focusing Light Guides.  They reduce imager size and eliminate blind regions.   more



Agile has extensive experience in designing and producing gamma ray spectrometer and densitometers for the oil and gas industry.  Our experience in optimizing detector design by careful component matching and meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of detector design and assembly has made Agile Technologies the trusted partner for the most demanding well logging equipment providers.

We also serve the Homeland Security and Defense industries by providing high quality radiation detection assemblies. Contact us for your next detector design challenge.


Scanner Equipment Designs

Agile Technologies has designed and manufactured patient handling systems,  gantries for PET and SPECT scanners and imaging accessories including an X-Ray shutter system to synchronize image capture with patient heartbeats.

We have extensive expertise in machine design and control systems and understand the regulatory requirements of medical equipment designs.

Ankle Rehab Device 2

Medical Research Designs

With close ties to major Universities, Medical Centers and Research Labs, Agile has designed a number of novel and useful prototypes and products to assist in the care of and understanding of medical conditions.  In addition to the Servo Driven Ankle Rehabilitation Device shown above, Agile has engaged in the design of a  Prostatic Imaging Appliance, Automated Specimen Handling System and Mobile Tracking Fluoroscope System to study human knee motion profiles and others.

Ship to Ship 6 (better quality)

Engineering Design Services

Agile’s Engineering team has a unique blend of capabilities.  Encompassing all of the major engineering disciplines and with over 75 years of combined experience, Agile Technologies’ engineering designs and maintains all of the automated equipment used in the factory to produce its of scintillation arrays, focusing light guides and detector assemblies.

Agile Technologies have specialized experience in applying engineering best practices to the unique fields of medical imager and radiation detection.

The company has provided design services to a wide spectrum of clients across a diverse set of industries including medical imaging, robotics, radiation sensors, petroleum exploration and consumer products for pet owners.

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About Agile Technologies

Agle Building
  • Founded 1998
  • Located in Knoxville, TN the origin of PET imaging Map
  • Staff of 18 engineers, scientists technicians, manufacturing and administraton
  • 6500 Sq Ft facility
  • ISO 9001 (since 2009)

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“To creatively apply technology to the design, development and ongoing delivery of devices that solve compelling problems, provide high value, and enhance quality of life.”

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Agile Focusing Light Guides

Increases  Density • Eliminates Blind Regions