Why Agile High Resolution Arrays Are Laminated NOT Filled

Filled Arrays Sacrifice Crystal Volume

4mm pitch filled array.

Saw kerf and powder fill creates large gaps between pixels.

Gaps represent dead space and reduce volume available for scintillation

Other vendors create pixellated arrays by cutting grooves in the scintillator and then filling the grooves with reflective powder.  As pixel size decreases, the kerf of the saw used to cut the grooves approaches the size of the pixels.

For example an array with 4mm pitch pixels produced using this technique would typically require .65mm between pixels for kerf and reflector fill.

Laminated Arrays Maximize Crystal Volume

4mm Pitch Laminated Array

Laminated pixels eliminate almost 90% of the space between pixels.
Result: more scintillation area for better performance.

Agile Arrays are assembled from pixels which are individually laminated with a superior performing reflector film.  This results in a inter-pixel gap of less than .08mm compared to the .65mm found in filled arrays.

Agile’s proprietary production process yields consistently high performance for sub millimeter pixel sizes.