Why Agile Technologies Is Your Best Choice….

High Resolution Arrays

Agile is the leading manufacturer of high precision crystal arrays in the fields of medical imaging, homeland security, and the petroleum industry.

Using custom tooling and machinery all developed in-house, we regularly hold pixel tolerances down to ±20 µm with overall array tolerances of ±80 µm. We have produced arrays with pitches as low as 100 µm and have experience with a variety of scintillation materials including LYSO, BGO, CsI, and CdWO4.  Agile is the world’s expert on high resolution precision arrays

Committed to Quality

Agile Technologies Scintillation Arrays are used in the world’s  leading manufacturers’ pre-clinical and research scanners.

Agile arrays are designed and produced under strict quality controls in our USA based ISO9000 Certified production facility.  Our proprietary process combines robotic precision and human craftsmanship and process controls for consistent quality.

For the most demanding and difficult scintillation array designs, Agile Technologies has established itself as the “goto” partner. Let us know how we can help you.

Arrays Online in 4 Weeks or Less!

Only Agile can deliver precision pixelated arrays built to your exact specifications in less than 30 days.

Agile’s exclusive online array configurator let you choose from 3 choices of array thickness, up to 3 choices of pixel pitch and a huge variety of geometries. For even faster turnaround, Agile offers expedited delivery of as little as one week.

With our rapid turnaround on catalog arrays, you can test several configurations to achieve the best system performance before committing to a design. Let us quote your array here

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