Focusing Light Guides

Improve Performance and Solve Two Imager Design Problems

Design Challenge:

Smaller, higher resolution scanners for Research and Organ Specific Imaging

Agile Technologies, has been at the forefront of the current move towards higher resolution, specialized scanners, for research and organ specific imaging. Our precision scintillation arrays are recognized by virtually all manufacturers as offering best in class positional resolution and sensitivity.

Now, Agile’s focusing light guides continue to enable specialized scanners by solving two challenging design problems.

First:  the common approach of coupling the array to the photodetector using a conventional light guide suffers from merging of pixel boundaries at the borders compromising image quality  Agile’s focusing light guides employ a proprietary design that precisely directs photons from the scintillation array to the active portion of the light readout device. This preserves positional fidelity and delivers a significant increase in positional resolution.

Next, Agile Technologies Focusing Light Guides eliminate the blind regions which occur due to gaps in the active areas between detectors as they are combined to image a larger area.

Watch the narrated videosound on please which graphically illustrates how Agile Focusing Light Guides can help you improve your image.


Put us to the test – In most cases Agile can design and deliver a Focusing Light Guide for you to test in as little as one week!  Call us today to discuss your unique requirements.